About The Expat

The Expat is a bistro and bar in the Five Points neighborhood of Athens, GA. Our menu is inspired by classic French bistro and European dishes, as well as the changing seasons and the exceptional ingredients available from local farmers and purveyors. At the bar we value well-stirred Martinis, kind and thoughtful service, and delicious, sustainable* wine. Our Upstairs lounge is a hideaway to meet with friends to relax with a drink, a snack, and maybe spin a record or two.
* We champion and pour organic & biodynamic wine from smaller, family-run wineries.

Pleased To Meet You

Krista Lark Slater

Krista is a painter turned sommelier with a passion for well-made cocktails. A Certified Sommelier since 2006, she has worked for over a decade in the world of wine and restaurants. Krista owns and operates The Expat, with her husband and business partner, Jerry. They are also partners in Flying Pig Hospitality, a restaurant and beverage consulting company. In her spare time, Krista enjoys watercolor illustration, running the occasional marathon, and hanging out with her Boston Terrier, Bennie.

Jerry Slater

Known for his hospitality and spirits expertise, Jerry has spent time at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago and The Oakroom at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Slater next landed in Atlanta as consulting creator of One Flew South, named one of the world’s best airport restaurants. He then left the airport to open H. Harper Station in Atlanta, where he gained critical accolades for his cocktail and spirits program. Slater and his wife, Krista, recently opened The Expat.

Slater is a longtime member of the Southern Foodways Alliance and co-author The Southern Foodways Alliance Guide to Cocktails.

Savannah Sasser

Savannah has had a strong passion for cooking from a very young age. Growing up, she quickly realized that cooking is so much more than just nourishment. She has always believed that food is the ingredient that brings a community of people together. Her creativity and interest led her to culinary school, where she received her culinary foundation and formal French training in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu of Pittsburgh. After school, she trained under Chef Jacky Francois, a classical trained French chef overseeing the historic Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. To date she has cooked for dignitaries, celebrities, and all-star athletes from around the world.

Savannah is a member of the Les Dames d'Escoffier International, a philanthropic organization of women leaders in the fields of food, fine beverage, and hospitality. She was named an Executive Georgia Grown Chef in 2016, which fosters a statewide program in Georgia between Chefs and Farmers. To date she is still on the Georgia Grown team as a coordinating Chef for the Georgia Grown Dinners at The James Beard House in New York, NY.

Why The Expat?

While we are indeed fanatics for the vibrant cultural history of Paris in the early 20th century, filled with creative and political Expats camped out in the cities cafes and bistros, the story goes beyond that. Having both lived overseas and in multiple cities throughout our lives, we know how hard it can be to find a sense of familiar in new adventures. Where we found home was in the engaging bartender who would recommend places to go and introduce you to the regular on the stool over, or the cafe where they quickly knew your name and favorite table, even on occasion invite you to join in family celebrations! These people and spaces became family and home. It is our mission to always create a welcoming community within our walls and through our team, to deliver natural hospitality. We hope that all who sit at our bar and dine in this old house feel at home, make new friends, and leave satisfied.